Sunna Solutions

Contactless Door Opener - Black

$6.99 $14.99

Stay safe with the Contactless Door Opener!

Our hands-free Contactless Door Opener tool is designed to put space between you and public utilities in day-to-day activities such as infected door handles, locks, elevators, ATMs, keypads, switches, sinks, gas pumps, levers, public bathrooms, trash bins and more.

Sunna Contactless Door Opener Features:

  1. Wide Application: Door opener, button pusher, prevent hands from directly touching public utilities.
  2. Unique hanging design can easily hang in pockets, belt straps, bags or purses and small hole for a keychain.
  3. Small size and lightweight, easy to carry.
  4. Made of zinc alloy/antibacterial material, rustproof, sleek, lightweight and durable.
  5. Ergonomic design comfort rounded edges in the finger slot.

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