Sunna Solutions

Sunna Lash Lift


Sunna Solutions® lash lift allows you to gently shape and lengthen your eyelashes to give that eye-lash extension look without exposing them to harsh chemicals and allows for wudhu. Grabs every lash, no matter your eye shape. The flexible silicone rubber pads prevents pinching, and it also includes one replacement pad.

How to use:

1. On clean, dry lashes, open and position the Lash Lift curler near the base of the lashes.
2. Squeeze the curler gently and hold in place for a few seconds before opening to release curls.
3. Repeat for a more intense curl.
4. Wipe the Lash Lift curler with tissue or dry cloth after each use to maintain hygiene.
5. Replace pads every few months or when signs of wear show.

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