Salam everyone,

Sunna Solutions® started out as a way to combat worldly temptations and strengthen my faith. I love getting myself ready; it grounds me in my feminine energy. However, I didn't want it at the cost of my prayers. I thought there has to be another way. What can I do about this? I wanted to beautify my nails or lashes but not in a way that would invalidate my prayers (i.e. using nail polish or lash extensions). That was when I had created my first product: the Sunna Nail Radiance File, and shortly after launched Sunna Solutions® in September of 2020. Within the first seven months, we reached over thirteen countries and ninety-one cities. Without an exception, each day since our launch has been nothing short of a blessing.

Our faith is easy, our environment is not. In a world full of temptations, we strive to create God-conscious solutions. Every product created since was the result to each problem I kept having. Didn't want to put my sink in a public bathroom each time I did wudhu? Sunna Wudhu Socks. Absolutely love chiffon hijabs but hated the constant slipping off? Sunna Slip-proof Chiffon Hijabs. Whether it's being able to pray while also being able to beautify yourself, wearing secure hijabs, wanting an easier time making wudhu in public places, doing dhikr on the go, or having classy appropriate outfits for both prayer and stepping out for errands. We've got you covered, literally.

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to have you here as part of our Sunna Solutions family. Knowing there is a piece of my brand helping someone strengthen their faith in every corner of the world means more than words can ever explain.

Jazak Allah Khair,

Your Sister Nilly